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  • Quantity: 1 PCS (Dry) For Vehicle Type: Airplanes (Diggings) tool Supplies: Tools (Diggers) Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: Servos (Diggers) RC Parts & ACCS: AME: Noenname_null (Diggin) Origin: Mainland China (Diggi) Recommend Age: 14+Y (Diggi) USE: Vehicles & Remote Control toys (Diggers) Patent Number: ZL2019244153

Mayatech Propeller Drill Jig Drill Guide With Screw for DLE30/15RA/40/55/55RA/60/61/85/110/120/170

Application scenario

Supported engine types Small:dle30/35ra/40/55/55ra/60/61orda50

large:dle85/110/120 or dle170/220 or DA70-150or3W/50-150

Engine propeller drill jig Wood pulp drilling jig for aircraft model UAV Purpose:At present, most of the engine wood pulp on the market is not perforated,

and the drilling die is sleeved on the propeller to be drilled It is very convenient to use an electric drill to punch a screw hole that is comple

tely consistent with the engine Contains the drill bit required for drilling Easy to use

Product features

1.All metal, high hardness

It is made of all high carbon steel

2.CNC machining, high precision

Precision punching design

3.Easy to use

The drill jig is sleeved on the propeller to be drilled, which can easily use an electric drill to
make a screw hole completely consistent with the engine

4.Complete accessories

The drill bit with matching specifications required for drilling is included, which is more convenient to use


Small size: 26mm hole spacing M4 hole or 30mm hole spacing M5 hole

Large size: 29mm hole spacing M5 hole or 34mm hole spacing M5 hole

6.Multiple sizes

When drilling a hole larger than 5mm, first drill a 4.8mm screw hole with a jig, and then ream the hole with a 5mm drill or larger

Usage method

1.Compare the drill jig with the engine hole position, confirm which holes to drill, and fix the
propeller in the propeller hole

2.Lock with screws to avoid loosening

3.Drill the same hole as the engine hole vertically

4. Loosen the screw and take out the jig

Note: wood pulp needs to be purchased separately. It is available in our stor

Propeller Drilling Tool for Engine Section A (Small) Model Wood Propeller Drilling Tool

Propeller Drilling Tool for Engine Section A (large) Model Wood Propeller Drilling Tool

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MAYATCH DLE Propeller Drill Puncher With Screw for DLE30/35/40/55/60/61 DLE85/111/120/170/222 DLA100 3W100 Gasoline Engines

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