For those that have found this awesome engine, it needs no introduction. For those who have not, let's find out what have you been missing.

The CRRC GF40 is supposedly the worlds first Kit Engine. We are not aware of any others but it is their claim, not ours.

This engine comes with all of the parts, separately packaged in a box. The only components that are really pre-assembled are the ignition sensor and the carburettor.

Assembly is easy, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. It is not a complicated nor a difficult build and the only thing you will need is some liquid gasket and we recommend a little threadlock.

We won't spoil it by going through step by step instructions but some tips may be helpful:

Have a capful of 2 stroke oil handy and just wipe a little over the internal parts as you assemble them

We use Silicone RTV sealant where recommended. if you don't have any then it is about £5 from Amazon, and probably cheaper elsewhere.

We lock the carb screws and the carb adapter screws with a little threadlock and, when we are finished with the assembly and the engine is installed in the plane the exhaust screws too, just to be sure.


  • Displacement: 40cc

  • Bore x Stroke: 40mm x 31mm
  • Dry Weight: 1300g (2.87 lbs.)
  • Carburetor: Walbro butterfly type w/pump
  • Max Output: 3.95HP @ 7200 rpm
  • Ignition: 4.8v - 14v RCEXL DC-CDI
  • Propeller: 18X10, 20x8, 20x10 (Two blade )  

These engines easily turn a 20x10 wooden prop start easily, idle perfectly and now, with RCEXL ignition units they make fantastic value. 

Want an engine but don't want to build it? Let us do it for you - we build the engine in our workshop and run it for you going through multiple starts before we ship to you. 

We have been working with CRRC for many many years and know these engines very well. we operate them, fly them and have great success. 


  • Full engine kit of parts
  • All gaskets and seals
  • RCEXL ignition system
  • Carburettor - preset for first runs
  • Muffler
  • Metal engine mount
  • Instructions

The RCEXL ignition has a tacho output too so you can add an RCEXL tacho to the unit and then check your RPM's for idle, transition and full power. Handy for assessment of props etc. 

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CRRC GF40i Kit engine.

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