• 5m Solartex Fabric Covering (Cub Yellow)

Looking for the ultimate finish on your model? Solartex covering has long been considered the standard to beat

Satin Solartex is a superlight, extra fine woven fabric which has been pre-painted at the factory with a unique two-pack paint that is resistant to most fuels including glow, diesel and petrol (gasoline). A special heat activated adhesive on the back of the fabric gives excellent adhesion to wooden surfaces and to the painted front of the Solartex. The adhesive is colorless so the airframe is not contaminated with colour, making repairs or re-covering very easy!

Solartex covering is ideal for airframes with built up wings / fuselage's and solid surfaces such as sheet balsa and is excellent for covering complex 3 dimensional shapes. Solartex can be lacquered to a glossy finish which will also protect the exterior finish (always check compatibility prior to application).

To apply to the airframe simply use a covering iron at a temperature of 100~120ºc, for shrinking and stretching increase the temperature to 130~150ºc.

• Superlight extra fine woven fabric
• Pre-painted with two-pack fuel resistant paint
• Heat activated colorless adhesive
• Suitable for open frameworks and solid surfaces
• Simple and easy application

Pack Contents: 5 x 0.69m
Weight: 510g
Color: Cub Yellow

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5m Solartex Fabric Covering (Cub Yellow)

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